Kolomiets Sergey Mikhailovich
Branch of Russian state social university in Obninsk
PhD(doktor nauk) in technical sciences, professor

We propose to some of the intellectually-psychological mechanisms for solving creative problems. The problem is regarded as a mental system that includes at least three elements. The concept of creative and non-creative tasks is clarified. For non-creative problem solving course is known. For creative problem representation of its proposed system allows to formalize the course of solution, presenting it as a transformation of the system to the "agreed upon" a condition in which there is no conflict between the elements - the contradictions which initially prevented the solution. The mental-psychological mechanism of creative problem solving is, in fact, such a transformation of the original elements of the system in which the original creative problem reduces to the well-known non-creative task. Psychological core of this transformation is to change the point of view of the initially formulated the problem and the changing patterns of thinking. In turn, changes in patterns of thinking determines the resolution of the contradictions that existed in the initially stated problem.

Category: Pedagogics, Philosophy

Article reference:
Psychological aspects of solving creative problems // Humanities scientific researches. 2013. № 1 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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