Каюмова Акгул1, Гурбанова Огулсапар1
1Туркменский национальный институт мировых языков им. Довлетмаммета Азади, преподаватель кафедры туркменской литературы


Kayyumowa Akgul1, Gurbanowa Ogulsapar1
1Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, Lecturer in the Department of Turkmen literature

This article is about poems of Magtymguly Pyragy. Magtymguly’s poems sound like a hymn to humanism, patriotism, unity and cohesion and have become a guide for scientists and poets in many countries.

Keywords: great influencer, inspiration, Magtymguly Pyragy, patriotism, poetry, unity and peace, young generation

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Каюмова А., Гурбанова О. The importance of Magtymguly's poems in educating the young generation in the spirit of patriotism // Гуманитарные научные исследования. 2023. № 10 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/2023/10/55542 (дата обращения: 14.05.2024).

As noted by our hero Arkadag, the words and philosophical thoughts of the world-renowned master left behind the glory of Turkmen literature and the spirit of patriotism, and became a treasure of not only national, but also world culture. Today, Magtymguly’s poems are resounding as a passionate message of independence, permanent neutrality, national unity and peace. The humanist views of the poet do not lose their value even after centuries.

Great efforts are being carried out by Turkmen scientists to scientifically analyze the poetic treasure of the classical poet of the Turkmen people, Magtymguly Pyragy, and reveal its philosophical foundations. Today, the great thinker’s poems are widely studied, and his rich meaning is conveyed to the public through newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. In particular, the advices and exhortations of our wise poet in the 18th century have become a great life school for our youth today.

The study of the works of Magtymguly, the great poet of our people, attracts the attention of the world scientific community even in our time. In history, many other world scientists, such as A. Vamberi, A. Samoylovich, Y. Bertels, highly appreciated Magtymguly Pyragy’s poems of wisdom and left many writings as a legacy. Similarly, the poet’s poems were translated into many languages and became available to the world readers. There is probably no Turkmen bagshy who has not sung Magtymguly’s poem.

In his wonderful poems, Magtymguly Pyragy wrote about uniting the Turkmen people, achieving the unity of the people, protecting and loving the Motherland, developing friendly and brotherly relations between people, fighting for justice, morality that decorates a person, humanism, satisfaction, not to be angry, not to harm a person, decency, generosity, courage…

Patriotic poet Magtymguly’s poems about heroism, country, unity, and unity occupy one of the most prominent places in his creativity. These poems are also very important in educating the young generation in the spirit of patriotism.

As our Hero Arkadag emphasized, one of Magtymguly Pyragy’s greatest services to the Turkmen people is his efforts for unity. History proved that the bright hopes and ideas of the great poet and thinker who dreamed of creating a stable state were true.

Magtymguly, who lived in a very complicated time, was closely aware of all the shortcomings and bad events of his time, he strongly condemned them, considered their prevention as the main task of his time, and called on the Turkmens to unite and form a state:

“Türkmenler baglasa bir ýere bili,

Gurudar Gulzumy, derýaýy-Nili.

Teke, ýomut, gökleň, ýazyr, alili,

Bir döwlete gulluk etsek bäşimiz.” [3, p. 17]

The great thinker Magtymguly Pyragy is a poet who praised the existence of a strong Turkmen state, a tough period and a happy life in his work.

“Pyragy, yşka ugraşdym,

Derýa girdim, möwje düşdüm,

Hor galmasyn puştdan-puşdum,

Berkarar döwlet islärin” [2, p. 40]

You realize that his lines are true today. This is a clear proof that the poet’s humanist ideas have become a reality of life.

Magtymguly left behind his holy ideals, his great school, and clear principles, which will live forever in the souls of future generations of his people. He also tries to make the most of all opportunities. Believing that everything should start with himself first, and the main support is his people, but a united people, he addresses his people as follows:

“Bir-birini çapmak ermes ärlikden,

Bu iş şeýtanydyr, belki, körlükden,

Agzalalyk aýrar ili dirlikden,

Munda döwlet dönüp, duşmana gelgeý.” [2, p. 174]

In this direction he strives to build an independent and free state, which is the only guarantee of freedom and human existence, can become a reality only with unity. He addresses his people and says, inspires and motivates them:

“Göwünler, ýürekler bir bolup başlar,

Tartsa ýygyn, erär topraklar-daşlar,

Bir suprada taýýar kylynsa aşlar,

Göteriler ol ykbaly türkmeniň.” [4, 15-16]

Magtymguly is a poet who loved his country with all his heart. In his poems, he constantly emphasizes that all power and prestige depend on the service he gives to his country and the value he places on it. He looks at the solution of any problem from the point of view of the people and promotes the interests of the country. The poems of the poet, who tried to firmly impress upon the reader that true humanity is connected with the country, the devotion to it, love. In the poet’s poem “Ili gözlär”:

“Ilinden aýra düşen –

Ah urar, ili gözlär.

Ýolundan aýra düşen –

Jäht edip, ýoly gözlär” [4, p. 252]

as can be seen from the lines, a person cannot imagine his life apart from his country.

Poems of the poet, who is not far from the people’s life, are very clear and pleasant for the whole public. That is why Magtymguly’s poems are read with great interest by every Turkmen family. Because the poet’s poems are a valuable guide to educate the generations in the national spirit. Magtymguly preaches noble virtues such as honouring the elder and respecting the younger. Poems of the poet encourage to be professional and love hard work. The poet’s poems preach the principles of learning a profession, being educated, and helping people. Attributes such as respecting one’s elders, honouring them, and honouring one’s parents are bequeathed. By saying “the best of manners, slap the elder”, politeness and respect are preached. In the work of Magtymguly, the issue of education and science is strongly emphasized. A wise poet spares no effort and inspiration to educate intelligent and literate people. The fact that Magtymguly passed the school of Dovletmammamet Azadi clearly testifies to his skillful use of the wealth of the folk language and the creation of a national spiritual hero.

Magtymguly Pyragy came to the conclusion that it is possible to eliminate defects in social relations by educating people with good behaviour and moral qualities. That is why he spoke about all the good qualities that adorn a person, make him a real person, and enhance his dignity. He wanted good behaviour and moral qualities in his contemporaries and future generations.

Magtymguly’s patriotism is exemplary, and the literary legacy he left behind is a well-established, pure source. He was a passionate poet who glorified the country, and as a skillful educator, he took a great place in the hearts of the younger generation. This shows that the services of our great classical poet to the Turkmen people are very great.

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