Мурадова Гульвепа Атахановна1, Нурмухаммедов Бакы2, Атажанов Атажан Байрамгельдиевич3
1Туркменский государственный университет имени Махтумкули, кандидат юридических наук, доцент кафедры уголовного права
2Туркменский государственный университет имени Махтумкули, студент юридического факультета
3Государственная академия художеств Туркменистана, студент

В нашей Родине особое внимание уделяется нравственности подрастающего поколения. В основе нравственного воспитания лежит принцип Туркменистана. Принцип Туркменистана – образец национальной морали, доставшийся нам в наследство от наших мудрых предков.


Myradova Gulvepa Atahanovna1, Nurmuhamedov Baky2, Atajanov Atajan Bayramgeldiyevich3
1Turkmen State University named after Magtymguly, candidate of law sciences, docent of the department of criminal rights
2Turkmen State University named after Magtymguly, student of the Faculty of Law
3State Academy of Art of Turkmenistan, student

In our Motherland special attention is paid to the morality of the young generation. At the basis of moral education there is the principle of Turkmenistan. The principle of Turkmenistan is a model national morality inherited from our wise ancestors.

Keywords: intelligence, moral, personality, upbringing

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Мурадова Г.А., Нурмухаммедов Б., Атажанов А.Б. Moral upbringing – life principle of Turkmen people // Гуманитарные научные исследования. 2022. № 10 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/2022/10/55006 (дата обращения: 10.11.2023).

In our country Turkmenistan, special attention is paid to the morality of the young generation during the revival of the new era of stable state. Being the main form of moral education, it connects other kinds of education. At the basis of moral education there is the principle of Turkmenistan. The principle of Turkmenism is a model national morality inherited from our wise ancestors. About it, in the book “Statehood Principles of Turkmen” by our Hero Arkadag : “Humanity was widely mastered the rules of right living in life and changes it into a rule. It has called variously and played a major role in the improvement of theology, philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, logic and other sciences. In our people, these laws have passed through a great historical period and they have been strengthened in set of unique principles of life, conditionally known as “Turkmenism”. Now, the most important thing to emphasize is, what those principles fit into just a word – the concept of “Conscience”. Because the concept of conscience is a word related to the moral responsibility of a person. This can be clearly from the description in the explanatory dictionary of the Turkmen language: “Conscience is a sense of moral responsibility, a fair inner feeling on front of the society or in particular cases”. Generally, “Conscience” is a national manner that forms the basis of the Turkmenism principle. This manner appears from the personal moral obligations. Candidate of the law sciences, docent T. Gochiyev: “Moral norms are based on the mentality of the people and their national differences, so they originate from them. First of all, the mental differences of our people (traditions, customs, history, religion) should be clearly explained to the young generations in order to effectively establish moral education”, it is a moral doctrine based on national characteristics. Upbringing doctrine is the model forms the core of the principle of Turkmenism is to find own place in life with the differences of a fair life specific to the Turkmen people.

If a person fulfills his personal moral obligation in dignified way, it means that he has fulfilled his moral obligations perfectly “Morality” is one of the perfect personality skills a literate person. Specific manifestations of behavior (action or inactive) by an individual in human relations are called moral breeding or decency. Our wise ancestors said that the philosophy of “politeness” is the essence of the Turkmen principle: “From whom you learned politeness is the one who greets, the good of intimacy is the one who visits”, “The guarantee of happiness is to get used to polite thoughts, polite words and polite actions”, “The beginning of decency is good morals”,  “The best of decency is to respect your parents”, “Decency is a debt, morality is a kingdom”. It can be   clearly understand from the examples of such philosophies. Generally, “politeness” is the national moral model of the Turkmen people and the principle of Turkmenism.

A person’s moral upbringing or decency starts from family, from the breeding of parents. After a child was born, his first caregiver and most trusted advisor are his parents. The role of parents is the most important in child’s respectability and high morals, in the development of his world view, generally, in his growth as personality, and in his development as a personality, and in his development as a person useful to the society. Our Hero Arkadag also expresses his wise thoughts in his book “ Devotion to the mother – Devotion to Holiness”: Of course, the influence of society is very important for the growth of a person who contributes to the development of the society, an ideal person is the result of the parents’ model and education, and the realization of their sweetest dream for their child.”

In another wonderful book of our beloved Arkadag “Brave men are born for zeal”: “In Turkmen family, parents consider their first duty to raise their children.  It is first of all the parents’ duty to teach the child to speak, to act, and to write.” As it is said in the books of our national Leader, the moral character of every Turkmen person is formed from the family hearth, from the perfect example of parents and education. The prudent sentences of our Hero Arkadag, who respects the national traditions of our people from the most ancient times – five thousand years of glorious history, in the sacred patriarchal books, that parents teach their children three types of morals – speech, behavior, and writing are very attractive. The fact  that each of these three types of morality enforces a separate code of morality can be clearly seen in the example of the comments below. The conditions of the word upbringing are clear and high pitch. They are originated from the child’s intelligence an they are an indicator of his personal culture, dignity and politeness. To master the word is so great art. Speech is means by which people communicate with each other. If the relationship is good, it expresses the best of word upbringing and a good moral education in the child. Even if this relations are bad, it is a sign that speech is not well taught in the child. Behavior is inseparable linked with moral behavior from pure heart. The perfection is complete, and whole, when  the beauties of the action originate only from the beauty of the heart. When action leans on the decency of the heart, decency becomes a sure and definite spiritual value. The action is a great behavior that shows the moral culture of the literate personality. The heart is the place of faith, the place where truths grow. In the upbringing of the heart, intelligence and science are the means of determining the wisdom, secrets, and goals of creation and distinguishing good from evil, right from wrong, and good from evil.

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