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Демкина В.В. The forming critical thinking in using research work of students at the English lessons // Гуманитарные научные исследования. 2012. № 12 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/2012/12/2125 (дата обращения: 14.05.2024).

Critical thinking is the most difficult form of intellectual students’ activity which requires the highest level of  perceiving, searching, counting, processing, understanding, analyzing information surrounded them in the world, working up, summing up, making conclusion which is connected to their comprehension and experience. I try forming critical thinking of students in using their research work at lessons of English language. It is necessary to develop  research work of students at the English lessons today. The forming critical thinking in using students’ research work is caused by requests of society, modern education, time.

Developing students’ research work leads to forming critical thinking of children. I use following special-purpose directions of method critical thinking in using research work of students:

-making more active their individual intellectual abilities,

-forming critical thinking, estimating new information, knowledge,

-forming their research skills, generalizing skills, making conclusion,

-stimulating their independent searching , creating activity, self-education, self-organization, self-consciousness.

I have got purpose to develop students’ competence in researching sphere, to master researching skills, to form critical thinking. I put schoolchildren in the way of special vocabulary connected with culture of research work at the English lessons of the seventh grades,  tell about Grammar English language required in this situation, introduce  to constructions, methods, techniques of researching, teach students to set  the aim, questions, to state  hypothesis of researching, to write conclusions, to form critical thinking of students.

Schoolchildren write scientific, researching articles about tasks given by me at the English

lessons since  the seventh grades.

For example:

  1. Topic of lesson:             What is scientific research?
  1. Purpose:                       Teach

-to put the aims, questions,

-to  choose the methods of research,

-  to do research,

-to write the  conclusions of research,

- to describe research.

3. Doing research:              It is necessary to begin with:

- putting the questions, the aims,

- stating the hypothesis,

- choosing the methods,

- planning the research,

- carrying out an experiment,

- analyzing the results,

- making the conclusion.

4. Offering  to write scientific articles:

-  “How does it work?”

- “Why is the animal behaving like this?”

-“Why are weeds growing  here not there?”

-“Is the distance at which we start hearing

a sound and stop hearing a sound  the same?”

5.  Designing  the  research work.

Developing of critical thinking in research work is done not only at the English lessons and after lessons too. I help students choose the topic and methods of researching, write conclusion.  After these lessons students acquire following skills:

  • forming the topic, hypothesis of researching,
  • processing the information, comprehend it critically,
  • reflecting the information in different ways,
  • planning research,
  • putting the results together in a table, in the form of a graph, diagram, chart,
  • explaining the results,
  • making conclusion,
  • designing research work.

Research works of students do school life more interesting and bright. Schoolchildren lead researching with enthusiasm and wishing. I would like to recall the words of John H. Clarke,

“Everyone agrees that students learn in college, but whether they learn to think is more.”

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