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Гуманитарные исследования в области применения современных инновационных технологий в процессе изготовления архитектурного макета для достижения его высоко эстетического художественного уровня

№ 4 (44) April 2015 | Category: Aesthetics

Роль и значение гуманитарной, технологической и эстетической областей деятельности дизайнера в работе над макетом, их связь с проектированием и архитектурой

№ 5 (45) May 2015 | Category: Aesthetics

Влияние религиозной этики на мировоззренческие позиции Норберта Винера

№ 5 (57) May 2016 | Category: Ethics

Совершенствование бизнес-процессов на основе их системного анализа

№ 8 (60) August 2016 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Shchelkunova Y.S. Automating the process of operation of Vladivostok catering company

January, 2015

Kasatkina O.V., Lymareva O.A. Features of staff recruitment with use of the automated personnel systems

March, 2016

Bekmurzova L.S. The need for automation of accounting in a small business

November, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Barbova T.I. "Graduates" Database as a Means of Data Processing Automation in SBLEI "Governor's Cadet Boarding School Police"

June, 2014

Hankina N.V., Kalistratov D.A. Analysis tools that provide automation of the hotel from the point of view of the client

September, 2014

Orlova A.M. Resourse-saving technologies: the role in improving the efficiency of hospitality enterprises and obtacles to introduction

December, 2014

Shaikhutdinov A.M. The possibility of using cloud technologies in energy sector

February, 2015

Mikheevа V.I., Shmankova A.A., Sheven L.N. Evolution and innovation in warehouse logistics

April, 2015

Fedorov A.D. Automating the process of buying and selling foreign currency

June, 2015

Mironov I.A., Bogdanova O.B. Automation Project activities of the management company for example the Department of Work with the customer commercial organization Bolshoi Kamen city, Primorsky Krai

July, 2015

Khalilov R.V., Lavrushina E.G. Automation of beer restaurant

July, 2015

Kayugina S.M. Automated calculation and distribution of the teaching load of teachers of the university department on the basis of platform "1C"

November, 2015

Maltsev S.A. Perspective technologies for the organization of the automated system of the commercial accounting of a water consumption

February, 2016

Maltsev S.A. Information resources and management of information streams

March, 2016

Patrakova D.I. Design of the database for the entity on the example a flower shop

August, 2016

Zabotina N.N. The formation of knowledge system for automation of training

August, 2016

Stolyarenko A.V., Danilchenko A.A. The use of information and communication technologies in the activity of enterprises in the tourism sphere

January, 2017

Laguta A.E. Algorithm of redundancy automation of nodes in electronic devises

February, 2017

Kabanov , O.V. P.S. Algoritm for optimal time heating facility

February, 2017

Laguta A.E. Mathematical model of redundancy automation of nodes in electronic devises

February, 2017

Kutova A.V., Ryabova A.A., Sytko K.O., Bulganina S.V. The transport outsourcing

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Kostenko E.M. Program complex for research and construction automation optimum plans of experiment

March, 2013

Nesterenko D.O. The automated system of recording and scheduling VOKPTS № 1 of Ushakova L.I. employees’ vacations

May, 2014

Koshlokova O.A., Rybanov A.A. Automated system for receiving meter readings using IP telephony for LLC «UCIC» to reduce time on customer service

May, 2014

Pavlik A.V., Dergachev V.A., Savelyev A.S., Anikin A.N. Automation of multifactorial experiment carrying out

June, 2014

Drozdov V.A., Minkin A.V. Development of software for automatic registration and control of workplace teacher

March, 2015


March, 2015

Kravchenko A.M. Features engineering analysis engineering products in CAD Autodesk Inventor

June, 2015

Ignatyeva A.E., Nazarova D.D., Khayrutdenova D.R., Sheludchenko A.Y. Automation and informatization of management of the documents at the modern stage of development

November, 2015

Shkondin A.Y., Sviridova O.V. Research and development algorithms automation of dispatch and arrival account cargo transportation company

December, 2016