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Mеlnik Julia Paulovna
Odessa national university the name of I.I. Mechnikova
graduate student of department of political science Odessa regional soviet, depchief department on providing оf activity of guidance of regional soviet

This article is devoted the review of becoming and development of civil society as a founder of the democratic legal state. Scientific sources are considered on indicated issue, task, direction in cooperation of civil society and state. The conducted research allows to assert that creation of the democratic legal state is a necessity on the modern stage of development of Ukraine. For this reason close collaboration and partner mutual relations of the state, citizen and civil society must become the standard of modern level of public life.

Category: Political science

Article reference:
Civil society as founder of the democratic legal state // Humanities scientific researches. 2013. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: http://human.snauka.ru/en/2013/09/3847

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