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Отказ от последней ставки участников аукциона как инструмент повышения качества выполнения публичных контрактов

№ 5 (45) May 2015 | Category: Economics

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Doroshchenko L.R. Enterprise resource purchasing management

February, 2014

Sorokina N.P. Formation and development of public procurement system in Russia

July, 2015

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Sorokina N.P. Federal and municipal procurement mechanisms and procedures and its application

July, 2015

Shamis V.A. Features of management in service of purchases

March, 2016

Umnova M.G. Methodical highlights of cooperation between suppliers and state customers in government procurement outlined in Federal Law 44-FZ of April 5, 2013

October, 2016

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Sorokina N.P. Procurement procedures: taxonomy, features, and design

July, 2015

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Dudnik A.E. History of contract tenders in Russia

May, 2013