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Развитие крупных городов: проблема инновационного инвестирования

№ 1 (53) January 2016 | Category: Economics

Формирование системы стратегического планирования в РФ

№ 10 (62) October 2016 | Category: Economics

Реализация программно-целевого метода в развитии малого и среднего предпринимательства в муниципальном образовании

№ 3 (67) March 2017 | Category: Economics

Укрепление экономической безопасности личности на основе развития социальной защиты населения

№ 8 (72) August 2017 | Category: Sociology

Методики оценки программ, проектов развития территорий

№ 5 (81) May 2018 | Category: Political science

О факторах социально-экономического развития региона

№ 9 (85) September 2018 | Category: Economics

Роль инвестиций в социально-экономическом развитии муниципального образования

№ 11 (87) November 2018 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Значение развития нетрадиционной энергетики в социально-экономическом развитии региона

December, 2012

Uspanovа A.K. The role of demography in the socio - economic development of the countries of the world

December, 2013

Yamova I.I. Foreign trade activity`s liberalization in the condetions of the Russian Federation participation to the WTO

December, 2013

Starkova N.O., Tabakova A.S. Natural monopolies in Russia

July, 2015

Sudakova A.A. The development of the agglomeration processes in the context of the federal districts of Russia

November, 2015

Sidorenko A.S. Methodological approaches to the analysis of social and economic development of the region in the conditions of instability of external environment

April, 2016

Litovskix A.M. The study of regional programs of territorial and sectoral planning in the conditions of realization of the import substitution strategy

June, 2016

Bornin A.I. Social and economic development of the Belgorod region: status and forecast

November, 2016

Социально-экономические и политические аспекты развития Калужской области

May, 2019

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Kurmaiev P.Y. The analysis of foreign practice of social and economic development regulation at the regional level

September, 2013

Burdonos L.I. Tools of the higher education of Ukraine to the european standards

March, 2014

Kashintsev N.P. Status and trends of socio-economic development of the large metallurgical regions

May, 2014

Tkhakushinov E.K. Formation of investment strategy territorial the localized economic systems of mesolevel

August, 2014

Baulina O.A. Prospects of development of the construction industry of the Volgograd region on the basis of the cluster approach

January, 2015

Fatykhova A.I., Rabtsevich A.A. Corporate social responsibility of oil&gas companies

February, 2015

Ustinovich E.S. Institutionalization of scientific maintenance regional policy social and economic development of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation (on the example of Kursk region)

June, 2015

Zinovjev I.F. Social and demographics components of russian's intellectual safety

October, 2015

Dorokhova A.O. Geopolitical,economic and geographical problems and factors of development of territorial socio-economic systems in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

October, 2015

Dorokhova A.O. Socio-economic disparities in the regions of the Russian Federation

October, 2015

Kremin A.E. Assessing the impact of small business on the level of socio-economic development of the region

November, 2015

Tedeeva M.M. The use of regression analysis in modelling of socio-economic development of regions SKFO

November, 2015

Dorokhova A.O. The theoretical aspect of social and economic disparity of Russian regions

January, 2016

Polyakova T.V., Golodyaeva V.E., Karnauhova X.I., Safiullova A.R. The impact of small businesses on the regional economy

September, 2016

Morkovkin D.E. About the role the quality of modern system of education in socio-economic development of Russia

October, 2016

Shamsumuhametova A.F., Lyashenko E.A. Comparative analysis of government programs for socio-economic development: Russia and the US practice

December, 2016

Polyakova T.V., Erzamaeva E.V., Spitsyna N.A. The interaction of business and government as a factor of social and economic development of the region

December, 2016

Sinitsyna D.D. Features of education system transformation in Russia in the current economic conditions

December, 2016

Проблемы и перспективы развития туризма в Северо-Кавказском федеральном округе

December, 2017

Features of the system of legal regulation of local issues on the organization of transport services to the population within the boundaries of the urban district

May, 2019

Проблемы формирования и реализации программ социально-экономического развития муниципального образования г. Екатеринбург

January, 2020