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Специфика преподавания философии в современном техническом вузе: педагогические эффекты прагматизма (на примере учебной темы «Мировоззрение: виды, специфика, функции»)

№ 8 (36) August 2014 | Category: Pedagogics

К проблеме генеалогического анализа Ф. Ницше (на пути к «новой религиозности»?)

№ 10 (38) October 2014 | Category: Philosophy

Психология религии в Китае: традиции и современный взгляд

№ 4 (44) April 2015 | Category: Sociology

Основные тенденции развития немецкой духовной драмы

№ 8 (48) August 2015 | Category: Philology

Философия и исторические типы мировоззрения

№ 2 (54) February 2016 | Category: Philosophy

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Левчук Д.В. Конституционно-правовое регулирование религиозных отношений и статуса церквей

January, 2013

Kinal A.V., Miku N.V. Evangelical activity of orthodox clergy of the Penza region in 1940-1980

January, 2015

Vazerova A.G., Davydov A.S. Jews of the Penza region in the second half 1940 – the first half of the 1960th

January, 2015

Davydov A.S., Korolev A.A., Koroleva L.A. The short review of a foreign historiography about the provision of religion in the USSR. 1940-2000 (on the example of evangelical Baptist Christians)

February, 2015

Moiseyev I.S., Miku N.V. Seventh-day Adventist Church in the USSR (the 1970-1980th)

April, 2015

Vazerova A.G., Zvyagin I.O. Prosecutions of evangelical Baptist Christians in the USSR at a boundary of the 1970-1980th (on edition materials "Messages from the USSR. Human rights")

April, 2015

Berdnikov A.A., Miku N.V. The movement of Pentecostals in the USSR (1970 – the beginning of the 1980th)

April, 2015

Kazhayev S.S., Melnichenko O.V., Koroleva L.A., Korolev A.A. The Soviet religious policy in the late eighties – the beginning of the 1990th.

June, 2015

Vanyukova I.A. Influence of religious values on the economy and its development

June, 2015

Babaeva A.V., Pastushenko P. The project of intolerance of the Russian Church as the search for a new model of public relations Babayeva Anastasia Valentinovna

June, 2015

Erokhin I.U. Yaik and greben cossack troops: a unique tradition

July, 2015

Wiegel N.L. Spirituality, society and culture

March, 2016

Stavropolsky Y.V. The influence of the I Ching upon the Chinese Cognitive Styles

December, 2016

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Левчук Д.В. Особенности взаимоотношения политики и религии

January, 2013

Molkin A.N., Koroleva L.A. Changes in confessional practice of the orthodox organizations of Russia in the 1990th (on materials of the Penza region)

November, 2014

Sokolovskiy K.G. On the current situation in the state-confessional relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan

February, 2016

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Stavropolsky Y.V. Methodology of Psychological Studies of Religion in a Collectivist Society (on the instance of China)

April, 2015

Khazieva E.R. Morality, religion, and freedom of thought in modern society

February, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Gavrilova N.I., Vedeneyeva S.N. Inclusive education. Religious aspects. Pedagogical studies

June, 2015