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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Кривая Филлипса в оценке реалий российской безработицы

№ 6 (34) June 2014 | Category: Economics

Ответ социума на введение антироссийских санкций

№ 6 (46) June 2015 | Category: Sociology

Потенциал федерального университета в инновационном развитии Ростовской области

№ 4 (68) April 2017 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Everstova K.N., Emeliantseva M.U. Analysis of the effectiveness of gold investment

February, 2014

Nazarova E.V. Inflationary processes in modern Russia: causes, trends and anti-inflation policy

August, 2015

Ruchyeva D.V., Kadnikova O.V. The problem of improving the quality of life of the population of Russia in the conditions of crisis

August, 2016

Musostova D.S. Features of inflationary tendencies in Russia for 2011-2015: reasons, consequences

October, 2016

Seidova A.M., Probin P.S. The prospects of development of national economy for 2017 - 2019

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Karpov A.A. Stagflation in the modern Russian economy

September, 2015

Naumov A.A., Naumova A.A., Vetrov A.N. On problems of some integrated projects efficiency estimation methods

October, 2015

Vladimirov N.A. The Federal budget of the Russian Federation for 2016 and its anti-recessionary orientation

December, 2015

Proskurin V.N. Analysis of the main directions of the monetary policy of the European central bank at the present stage

November, 2016

Danilina M.V., Lubkin S.M., Litvinov A.N. Analysis of the economy of Russia in 2016

December, 2016

Vinokurova V.A. Development trends of the Russian food retail: challenges and strategic choices of business models

February, 2017