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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

К вопросу о профессиональной самореализации молодых руководителей

№ 4 (44) April 2015 | Category: Psychology

К вопросу о гибкости работы менеджеров

№ 11 (51) November 2015 | Category: Economics

К постановке проблемы соотношения потребностей и мотивов деятельности личности

№ 9 (73) September 2017 | Category: Sociology

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Gekhaeva I.S., Umarov A.H. Issues to improve the process of enterprise management

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Artemov V.A., Novokhatskaya O.V. “Applied” aspects of time in sociological researches

September, 2015

Mukhina E.R. The nature of managers'activity

October, 2015

Abdrakhmanov A.A., Safin G.G. Coefficients affecting the efficiency of the operation and management career excavators

March, 2016

Tavbulatova Z.K., Bulueva L.A. Crediting of subjects of small business

June, 2016

Tavbulatova Z.K., Bulueva L.A. Place investment in socio-economic development of Russia

June, 2016

Zimina M.A. The image of a successful teacher in the students of senior courses of the university

September, 2016

Avdonina D.S., Bochkareva Y.V., Bulganina S.V. Pedagogical management

December, 2016

Shkunova A.A., Loginova S.P., Korobkova E.N. The teacher as an effective manager

December, 2016

Sesekin V.O. Analysis approach to staff development enterprise in modern conditions

December, 2016

Tekeev I. Science activity

February, 2017

Pavlova Y.A., Maslova T.M. The relationship of self-esteem of university students with the level of sociability

April, 2017

Iskhakova E.G. Working with teaching staff is an important component of the control system, SPO

April, 2017

Анализ собственных ошибок и ловушки нашего мышления

May, 2017

Эмоциональные состояния человека: аффект и фрустрация

August, 2018

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Voroshilina N.N., Semenova E.M. Basic directions of perfection of economic relations with customers

June, 2015

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Сазанова А.В. Генезис и сущность понятия «проектная деятельность»

June, 2012

Sargsyan T.A. The formation of orienting basis of internship by learning outcomes

June, 2014

Voroshilina N.N., Reut V.G. Formation of the organizational and teaching conditions for working with heterogeneous groups of students in modern society

June, 2015

Elena S., Voroshilina N. Psychological support person of the student in the educational environment of the university

June, 2015

Shandruk S.K. Professional creative abilities of students- psychologists as a factor of effectiveness of future psychological activity

August, 2015

Serhachova V.Е. The development of professional consciousness of teachers

September, 2015

Efimova E.S. Developing communication skills at the senior preschool children with visual impairments

February, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Korobkina N.M. Organization of group activities

December, 2013

Mirzayeva N.A., Shoyimova S. Activity as one of factors of development of abilities

January, 2014

Ostrovsky S.N., Kishchenko E.V. Individual approach to students’ teaching in RVVDKU

January, 2015

Gribanova V.A. The personality-activity approach as a basis for organization of educational process on the formation of civil activity of students

August, 2015