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Система персонажей и сюжетно-композиционное единство романа А. и Б. Стругацких «Отягощённые злом, или Сорок лет спустя»

№ 1 (41) January 2015 | Category: Philology

Менеджмент деформаций: макросистемный подход методологии изучения отклонений и искажений управленческого процесса

№ 10 (62) October 2016 | Category: Economics

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Javich P.A., Hositashvili V.L., Chuuradze L.I., Ruhadze T.A., Hositashvili L.V. The Elaboration of Technology of Rectal Suppositories, Containing Matters with Radioprotection Function

February, 2013

Butuzova G.N., Ivanov A.Y. The role of industrial design in the modern workplace

January, 2014

Sadovnikova M.A. Synthetic aluminosilicates and their use in dry construction mixtures

November, 2014

Gusev N.I., Kochetkova M.V., Shcheglova A.S. Water absorption foam-polymer-torcrete solutions based on polyvinyl acetate dispersions

May, 2015

Ilina N.V. The compositional thinking: the conditions and characteristics of the formation

December, 2016

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Sycheva A.V. Traditions of B. Pasternak In L. Ulitskaya’s «Zelenii shater»

November, 2013

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Krylova M.N. Versification as a didactic means

August, 2013

Krylova M.N. Training of pupils 11 classes to carry out part 2 on the USE in Russian: advices to pupils

March, 2016